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How To Succeed In Business

Are you sick of your JOB? Do you dream of one day becoming your own boss?

Have you ever said to yourself...

"I Had Enough! I Am Going To QUIT And Start My Own Business!"

If your answer is "YES" or you are now starting to think about it, that's great for you!

There are many rewards for being an entrepreneur....

  • Your earnings are no longer capped by a wage-ceiling decided by your bosses...
  • You can pursue things that you enjoy doing...
  • You can create an asset that you can either sell or leave it as a legacy for your children...


Do you really know how to run a business and make it successful?

Starting a business is easy. To make it successful and profitable is another thing altogether.

Firstly, how would you know if your business idea can make money? What are the business skills and knowledge that you must possess to increase your chances of success? Do you know how to rai

se capital, formulate a marketing plan, create a brand, acquire customers, or even as simple as getting someone to give you money in exchange for your products or services?

Think about this, if you do not have much experience in running a business, what are the chances your business can be successful? So what can you do?

Do Not Reinvent The Wheel - Leverage On "OPE"

You could learn it the hard way by trial-and-error. But the wise will tell you not to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes, there are easier ways to do things. If you want to achieve success faster,

one of the best method is to tap into "OPE" - Other People's Experiences!

Why is this important? Because it can help you to focus your energies on the right path and guide you on what you should be doing AND more importantly, AVOID the mistakes others have already made. Make sense?

However, don't just tap into anybody's experience, you may get the wrong advice instead! What you want to do is to tap into the experiences of those who have the success that you are looking for, those who have walked the journey that you are going to embark on. If you want success as an entrepreneur, then you need to tap into the wisdom and experiences of a Successful Entrepreneur.

Problem is...

How many truly successful entrepreneur wants to spend their time and effort to coach and train others, least of all a stranger to them? Maybe if you are the nephew or niece, or you happen to be a successful entrepreneur's best friend son or daughter, there could be a chance. But even that, maybe the most they will do is to have coffee with you and dispense a few words of advice


For most of us, finding a qualified mentor or a genuine coach can be a daunting task. And if you have always been looking for that qualified and genuine mentor to help you succeed in your business, you could still be searching and looking until....NOW!

"Grab This Opportunity To Be Trained and Privately Coached by a Successful Entrepreneur Who Has Already Created Wealth and Success in Business And Now Wants To Help Others To Be Successful Entrepreneurs"

Boyd Au is a successful entrepreneur who started his business from scratch back in the 80's and grew it into a profitable business making him millions. He achieved further success when he listed his company on the Singapore Stock Exchange and in 2006, company sales hit a high of S$80million. His brand won the Superbrands award 3 years consecutively and his products were sold in more than 30 countries around the world. His clients included big companies like Hewlett Packard, Creative Technology and Apple.

The good news is that after going through hard times and eventually achieving success for himself, Boyd now wants to help others to become successful. His personal mission is to leave a legacy of having trained at least 7 highly successful entrepreneurs.

booksmall"I have faced most of the challenges you can imagine in business - from growing it locally to expanding globally; went through an ardous two years preparing for an IPO, listed the company successfully against all odds and most importantly, was able to exit comfortably." -
excerpts from Straits Times No 1 Bestseller
"I Don't Want To Be Poor - The Boyd Au Success Story"

"My first time running a business and I achieved total turnover of S$2.5million in just over 1 year! I attended Boyd's program which helped me identify the right business and run it profitably."

Heng YJ, from Army Officer to CEO of ONE Energy

Testimonial for Boyd Au

Boyd has created a unique training programme to groom his participants into a Successful Entrepreneur. Find out how you can be trained and privately coached by him

Attend this 3-hours FREE Seminar and Discover...

  • Boyd's "Must-Have" Steps To A Successful Business
  • How To Avoid Losing Time And Money On The Wrong Business
  • How Boyd Can Help You Start A Business Even If You Have No Business Ideas
  • How You Can Be Privately Coached And Mentored By Boyd Himself!


First 28 attendees will be entitled to an exclusive DVD on Boyd's
"7 Habits of Success Entrepreneurs" worth S$97 FREE!!



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